How To Get Fit At Home

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This is it! You have decided that all of your excuses are lame and your procrastination is shameful; you want to turn over a new leaf and dedicate your efforts to becoming a fitter, healthier and leaner you. So the question becomes, how to get fit at home?

How To Get Fit At Home

Your mission is an excellent one, and no it is not an impossible task! That being said, we don’t all have the same opportunities to get out and about these days and that fact alone can easily put the brakes on what we think is the road to fitness success.

However, the opposite is actually the case. It is easier than ever to get fit at home. All you need to do is figure out what fitness technique will suit your needs, delivers on being enjoyable to do and is realistic for your unique set of circumstances.

We know that everyone is different and that a form of exercise that is ideal for one person is another individual’s worst nightmare. That is why we have prepared a list of 8 possibilities when it comes to figuring out how to get fit at home.

We’ll start with a few simple ones that don’t need much investment and move on to ideas that are a little more ambitious.

Ready to turn over that new leaf?

Here we go!

Use Online Searches To Find Ways To Get Fit At Home

Everyone seems to be on social media these days. Of course, it has many advantages, but when it comes to keeping us fit, it can often have the opposite impact. Indeed, most social media use takes place on the couch or in some other seated position that is as conducive to fitness as it is to learning brain surgery!

start working out again

Yet, social media could actually be put to good use on a fitness front. Search for online coaches and fitness bloggers and you will be surprised at how many options appear before your eyes. You can get some great tips and tricks on ways to keep fit, as well as possible routines that you can follow.

A Jump Rope Is A Cheap, Simple Piece Of Exercise Equipment

Keeping fit does not have to be painful to your bank balance. How much does a jump rope cost in your local store or online? A few dollars, right?

jumping rope revs up your cardio workout

Yet, it could be your ticket to fitness heaven. Make use of your outdoor space if you have some, otherwise clear an area in your home and get jumping. Skipping rope is an amazing workout that can burn a lot of calories.

Use Bodyweight Workouts at Home

Do you want to lose a little weight as well as get fitter? You can use bodyweight exercises at home to lose those unwanted pounds and get fit at the same time.

what is bodyweight training

There are numerous bodyweight workouts available online, they often include exercises such as deep squats, press-ups, burpees, and the list goes on. You see, getting fit doesn’t actually have to cost you a cent!

Take Online Yoga Classes

Yoga has become very popular in recent years and with good reason. Not only does it provide wonderful physical exercise but it can also have a great impact on mental health.

Online Yoga Classes

You could join an online yoga class if there is one at a time that suits you or simply learn some of the basic yoga poses. Then set a time each day or week that you will devote to your new form of fitness.

Weight Lifting At Home

womens CrossFit workouts

If you are happy to invest a little cash into your fitness mission, consider purchasing a few dumbbells or look at weighted packs, balls, or bags. If you are new to weight lifting you do need to understand a little about this form of fitness before you start.

This will help you to identify the best weights to purchase for your own fitness levels and goals.

Invest In A Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

Now, I’m sorry to say that we are on to a little bit of a hit to your bank balance if you decide to purchase one of these forms of equipment. However, the results can make the investment very well worthwhile.

Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

Vibration exercise machines are great for helping to tone your body and also to lose weight. They use powerful vibrations to stimulate and strengthen your muscles so if you are hoping to achieve that toned physique, this could be the right choice for you.

Start HIIT Workouts At Home

High-intensity interval training; that is what we are talking about. In other words, you alternate short periods of intense aerobic exercise with recovery periods.

Start HIIT Workouts At Home

When it comes to figuring out the best way to get fit at home, HIIT can be a great option for those that want a high-energy option that will work up a real sweat (oh, believe me, you will be begging for those recovery periods!) There are plenty of routines you can follow online that will ensure that you are getting the balance right.

How To Set Up A Home Gym

We don’t recommend this option if your current exercise to date is taking the dog for a leisurely stroll around the block (unless, of course, you have money to burn!) Setting up your own home gym is likely to be the most expensive investment on your list, hence why we left it to last.

how to set up home gym

If you are already dedicated to getting and staying fit, perhaps you enjoyed gym membership in days gone by, then certainly consider investing in a home gym. However, if you are just on the first rung of your fitness ladder journey, you may want to hold off on the home gym until you are a little more dedicated to what you are doing.

The Bottom Line On How To Get Fit At Home

It is true that getting fit and staying fit takes real commitment but the results are worth their weight in gold. You will look better, feel better, live better, and be eternally grateful for that day you said, ‘This is it! No more lame excuses, I am going to get fit at home!’