HIIT Jump Rope Routine Full Body Workout

You are about to discover how to add a HIIT jump rope routine for an amazing full body workout without putting a lot of pressure on your joints.

Did you know that just 10 minutes of skipping rope is equal to a brisk 45 minute run?

HIIT jump rope routine

At some point in your HIIT training, you may want to add something that is easy to take with you without taking up much space and can be used almost anywhere. A jump rope is the ideal piece of equipment to add to your fitness training. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and gives you a great workout.

Maybe you just want to upgrade your training so that you get the most out of your intense HIIT workout routine. One way to do that is to add a jump rope exercise routine to your fitness training. If you aren’t sure how to incorporate a jump rope into your HIIT routine to get the maximum benefit, then here are some ways to get you started.

Ab HIIT Workout

HIIT jump rope exercise

One of the focal points for workouts tends to be the abs and core. You may think you can’t do that with a jump rope, but you can if you know the right HIIT jump rope routine. The basic abs jump rope workout and core jump rope workout is a 30 second cycle with a 10 second rest.

This starts off with 30 seconds of high knee jump rope followed by a 10 second break. This moves into mountain climbers, high knees, stability ball pushups, high knees, and then plank. This helps work the core as well as the legs.

Watch the videos below for additional HIIT workouts with jump rope.

Jump Rope HIIT Training For Beginners

Total Body HIIT Workouts

If you have limited time and you need to make sure you are getting a full body HIIT workout in, then the jump rope full body exercise may be ideal. This HIIT is based on 20 seconds of workout followed by 5 seconds of rest.

It starts with 20 seconds of hard core straight jump rope then 5 seconds of rest. After this, you will do squats, rest, jumping, rest, push-ups, rest, jumping, rest, a solid plank hold, and then rest. You can do this once and repeat it up to four or more times depending on your time constraints.

The video below shows you some additional HIIT jump rope workouts.

Full Body HIIT Jump Rope Exercises

Advanced Full Body HIIT

So, you have tried the other jump rope HIIT workouts, but you are starting to level off. This may mean you are ready for an advanced full body HIIT program.

This program is long and consists of 20 seconds of working out and 10 seconds of rest. The routine is double-unders, push-ups, criss cross jumps, tricep dips, double-unders, shoulder-tap push-ups, criss cross jumps, and pike pushups. Again, this is done on the cycle of 20 seconds of workout with 10 seconds of rest. This can be repeated up to 5 times.

This video shows you more advanced full body HIIT jump rope workouts.

Advanced Full Body HIIT Jump Rope Training

HIIT Jump Rope Training Equipment:

These are just a few of the methods you can use to incorporate a jump rope into your HIIT routine. There are others, but these are the easiest ones to add as a beginning step.

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