Thank you for stopping by my website.

Let me tell you a little bit about who I am and what I have done.

I am a Baby Boomer – born in 1946. I grew up and now live in the north-west part of South Carolina – often referred to as the Upstate. I live on a piece of the property that has been in my mother’s family for over 200 years. The old home that my mother grew up in and that I and my 2 brothers grew up in is still on the property.

I attended the schools here and graduated from high school in 1964. In school I played baseball, football and church softball. I attended 1 year of college and probably set a record at the school for the lowest GPR. My parents decided that they weren’t spending any more money on my higher education. My dad said the he wasn’t “throwing any more money down that rat hole.”

In 1966, the Vietnam war was really heating up so I joined the US Air Force. Probably the best decision that I had made up to that point.

In August of 1966, I married the love of my life and my best friend. We have been married for 56 years.

I spent over 11 years in the Air Force and was stationed in: Texas, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, Vietnam, North Dakota, Georgia, Vietnam, Spain, Italy, Turkey, and South Carolina.

Our daughter was born in 1976 and I got out of the Air Force in 1977.

I immediately joined the South Carolina Air National Guard. I served in the guards for over 9 years which gave me enough time to retire.

I went back to college on the GI Bill and graduated with a BS in 1979.

I have worked as a computer programmer, contract programmer and as a software consultant for a number of corporations. I have worked in South Carolina, North Carolina, New York City, New Jersey, Virginia, Atlanta, Cleveland, Minneapolis, plus a lot of remote work from home.

I retired a few years ago but I still work part-time remotely from home for a very large corporation with plants all over the world.

Since becoming a senior citizen, I realize that I have become quite sedentary which is a real concern. I am overweight with high blood pressure. So, I am now in the process of fixing that problem.

I have been intermittent fasting for the past 6 or 7 months and have lost some weight and feel better. However, I need to lose more weight and improve my cardiovascular health so I am now committing to an exercise plan.

My brother lives nearby so he and I are starting to exercise on his Total Gym. We exercise for 30 or 40 minutes every night. I find that my legs and upper body are still quite strong but my core and back require some work. We also need to add some aerobic exercises to get our heart rate up.

This is my exercise routine:

Now I need to add in an aerobic exercise so I am creating a place for us to walk. The plan is to take my tractor with it’s belly mower to mow a path through part of an old pasture. This will create a walking course that should be somewhere between 1/4 of a mile and 1/3 of a mile. The terrain will vary from flat to downhill and uphill areas. Will let you know how this goes.

Lewis Leake