LifePro Hovert Vibration Machine For Seniors

For many people, hitting the gym can be a daunting task even in the physical prime of your life. It only becomes a more difficult task with the passing of time. But that is still no excuse to ignore the physical activity our bodies need to stay healthy. The LifePro Hovert Vibration Machine for seniors provides an easy, yet effective way to get back into shape.

Whole Body Vibration Health Benefits

LifePro Hovert 3D Vibration Plate Machine

As a matter of fact, physical activity becomes even more important as we age. Even minimal amounts of the right exercise can help improve flexibility, mobility, and balance while reducing the risk of many negative health conditions.

Perhaps one of the simplest methods for a senior to get these health benefits is through a whole body vibration machine. WBV has surged in popularity over the past decade as new breakthroughs in technology have made it more affordable and accessible to seniors everywhere.

A number of whole body vibration research studies have also appeared during this time. Many of these studies indicated WBV could improve balance, increase fall prevention, muscular strength, and flexibility.

Read this study for more information: Is whole body vibration beneficial for seniors?

Whole Body Vibration Plate Machine

As with any new and great innovation, the market didn’t take long to become saturated with WBV machines. There are several reputable and well-known brands designing these machines to tackle specific needs.

LifePro Hovert

But if you’re new to the market and interested in buying your first vibration machine, then which machines are worth your investment? We believe that the Lifepro Hovert 3d Vibration Plate Machine is currently one of the best on the market for a number of reasons.

  1. Unique 3 Directional Movement

This is perhaps the biggest feature that sets the LifePro Hovert vibration apart from the competition. Most traditional WBV machines only offer oscillation in two directions. The Hovert is unique in that it offers lateral movement options as well. This allows it to help build a stronger core and improve balance in a way that other machines don’t offer.

  1. Customized Workouts For Everyone
whole body vibration machine

LifePro understands that no two people are exactly the same. And not everyone is going to use the Hovert for the same reason. That’s why they offer a variety of customization whole body vibration exercises so that each person can enjoy their own unique experience every time. For example, you can choose between lateral-only movement, oscillation, or a combination of both for the full 3D experience.

There are also a total of 99 different speed settings and 8 different program settings. You can use the Lifepro Hovert to the max for an impressive workout or tone it down for a gentle recovery process. It’s an incredibly flexible machine.

  1. Safety And Storage

Many people rely on the LifePro Hovert vibration machine to improve balance and increase fall protection. But that won’t help much if they fall while using the equipment. The Hovert is designed with safety for seniors in mind . The top is covered with anti-slip rubber to prevent slipping and suction from the bottom holds the device in place.

Finally, when you’re done with the Hovert, it can easily be tilted and rolled out of the way. It is slightly heavier than competing machines, but there’s honestly little reason to lift it when it can be easily rolled under the bed or in a closet when not in use.

Is The LifePro Hovert A Good Investment?

LifePro Hovert Vibration Machine For Seniors

Absolutely. Whether you’re getting older or you’re already there, the LifePro Hovert Vibration Machine can make life a little easier. It’s not equivalent to a day of lifting weights or running track, but it will still make a noticeable difference. And compared to competing brands, the Hovert offers unique features that make it the better investment.

Hovert 3D Vibration Plate Video

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