Three Best Women’s CrossFit Exercises

Staying fit during a time of social distancing requires a fresh perspective. It often means forgoing the traditional “fitness classrooms” in favor of at-home workouts. For the people who still want to get fit, it means there is a new burden of self-education and self-motivation. That is where these three best women’s CrossFit exercises come in.

Three Best Crossfit Workouts For Women

The good news is that it is still entirely possible for women to get fit and stay healthy within the comfort of their own homes.

The self-education aspect requires learning about the most necessary equipment, safety precautions, and workouts available. No instructor is leading a class in your basement or kitchen. There is no one to correct an error in your form or ensure that the exercise is performed properly. For that, you will probably have to rely on CrossFit workout videos or online crossfit training programs.

If you’re able to overcome this obstacle, then learning how to do CrossFit at home can actually be a very refreshing and rewarding experience. You’ll learn so much about fitness and about yourself as you organize weekly workout routines.

Getting started with CrossFit at home has a much higher success potential because every session is uniquely tailored to your body, your diet, and your schedule. It all begins with learning the most essential workout routines.


Here are the three best CrossFit workouts for women.

The Linda CrossFit Workout

womens CrossFit workouts

This daily workout requires 3 separate barbells with different weights and a bench press station. Having 3 separate barbells is important because you’re pushing to complete this workout within 20 minutes. You don’t want to waste time adjusting weights between rounds.

The circuit consists of deadlifts, bench presses, and squat cleans performed in series.

You begin by performing 10 deadlifts with one barbell, 10 bench presses with another, and then 10 squat cleans with the last. Return to the deadlifts after the final squat clean, but only perform 9 reps during this round. Repeat again with 8 rounds and continue counting down in this fashion until you perform a set with 1 rep each.

The Linda is an intense workout that is heavy on the equipment requirements. Your heart rate is going to peak early and keep you on edge until that very last squat clean. It’s perfect for anyone ready to dominate barbell exercises.

Watch The Linda CrossFit Workout Video

The Ladder CrossFit Workout

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This workout doesn’t require any equipment at all. The circuit is repeated five times with increasing difficulty each round. Your objective is to complete every repetition as quickly as possible. There are a total of 550 reps in the workout.

Round One:

10 burpees

Round Two:

10 burpees

25 push-ups

Round Three:

10 burpees

25 push-ups

50 lunges

Round Four:

10 burpees

25 push-ups

50 lunges

75 sit-ups

Round Five:

10 burpees

25 push-ups

50 lunges

75 sit-ups

100 air squats

This daily cardio workout at home will provide you with an excellent milestone. Hopefully, your time should increase every time you complete the circuits.

But remember that pacing is an important element. 550 reps isn’t something to take lightly.

Watch The Ladder CrossFit Workout Video

The Modified Hotshots 19

The Modified Hotshots 19 is considered one of the best Crossfit workouts for women for good reason. It is guaranteed to light a fire in the legs, arms, and lungs.

This workout was originally named in honor of the 19 individuals serving in the Arizona Prescott Fire Department. This team of heroes met an unfortunate end during a wildfire in 2013.

Crossfit members in the local community fell in love with the routine and it has since spread around the globe. It requires a single barbell, a pull-up bar, and a treadmill.

The difference between the modified version and the original is that the original required space to perform a 400-meter dash. This variation is modified for performance in-doors with a treadmill.

The Routine:

6 Rounds For Time

30 air squats

19 power cleans

7 pull-ups

60 seconds on treadmill @ 6 MPH on 11% incline

Watch Modified Hotshots 19 CrossFit Workout Video

Stay Motivated And Stay Healthy

These three womens CrossFit workouts are enough to begin crafting your weekly CrossFit schedule. They do require some investments, such as a treadmill, a bench press area, and barbells.

These are all important pieces of fitness equipment you should consider purchasing even if you don’t stick with these particular routines. And remember, it’s up to you to stay motivated and to stick with your workouts.

Watch Best Women’s CrossFit Exercises Video

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