You need to add fitness, to include exercise and movement, into your daily schedule. It also makes sense to drink a lot of water, develop healthy eating habits, and understand the proper influence of socializing with other positive individuals like yourself. With the ultimate reward of a healthy, happy and fit new you that is in charge of every aspect of your life.

HIIT for Heart Health

What Are High Intensity Interval Training Workouts

Do you want to get in better shape, get healthy, and lose weight? Here’s why High Intensity Interval Training workouts could be beneficial to your fitness and health.

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Muscular man doing pull-ups on horizontal bar

Best Pull Up Bar For Door Frame

The best pull up bar for door frame is one of the best ways you can workout your upper body. If you want to get fit, lose weight and build muscle all at the same time, then you want to get the tool that can be used to give you the fit body that you want.

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Best Home Gym For Small Space

It’s easier to work out when you have the right equipment on hand. Bowflex has a stellar reputation when it comes to home gyms. The Bowflex Blaze Home Gym uses Power Rods for workouts that can bring 210 lbs of solid resistance which is the standard with the machine.

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running on treadmill

How To Start Working Out Again

Top benefits you can look forward to when you start working out again: Reduced risk of chronic disease, Better mood and mental health,
Balanced energy levels throughout the day and better sleep,
Slowing of the aging process,
A boost to brain health,
Positive effect on the microbiome,
A boost to sex life

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Home gym workouts

7 Proven Benefits of Working Out at Home During Quarantine

Here are 7 proven benefits of working out at home during quarantine. Home Gym is Open 24×7; Saves Money and Time; Minimize the Risk of Contamination; Reduce the Risk of Diseases Caused by Inactivity; Keeps the Mind Healthy

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womens crossfit workout

Three Best Crossfit Workouts For Women

These three best Crossfit workouts for women make it possible for women to get fit and stay healthy within the comfort of their own homes. Starting Crossfit at home has a much higher success potential because every session is uniquely tailored to your body, your diet, and your schedule.

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