Plyometrics Exercises For Beginners

Plyometrics exercises for beginners is a type of workout that relies on higher intensity, faster movements, jumping higher, and doing bigger movements. It is an excellent workout when you want to burn a lot of fat and calories, while also building muscle. Plyo can also be a lot of fun as something different to do other than traditional cardio or weight training workouts.

Examples Of Plyometric Training Exercises

Plyometric Exercises Burn Fat Build Muscle

Some of the best examples of plyometrics exercises are games that were designed for children. These include certain movements in activities like those in jump rope, double Dutch, hop scotch, and jumping jacks. Impact exercises like these can help greatly to contribute to the strength of bone by stimulating a slight increase in bone density.

While very similar in theory, plyometric training session for children is very different than that of adult athletes. Children’s bodies have not yet developed the bone density or muscle power to execute deep jumps and squats.

When doing the exercises, a good rule to follow is that muscles can be used to jolt upwards or outwards but landings should always be controlled and softer.

What Is Plyometric Exercise?

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Exercises for plyometric training have two parts. The first part, is the lengthening phase, where your muscles are stretched out much like a robber band that is going to be released. The second portion is the shortening phase, where the energy is released. It is characterized by an explosive or sudden contraction of the muscle.

Over time, an athlete will be able to increase their power enough to allow them to jump higher and farther than they were previously able to jump.

Plyometrics Training Benefits For Athletes

Professional athletes typically use plyometrics training exercises to increase their stamina, strength, balance and flexability. Athletes need to be able to jump, grab a ball, and do a variety of intense physical activities, from soccer to baseball. Athletes that are at this high level of performance are expected to have extreme control in unpredictable circumstances.

During the course of a single game, a player may be called upon to jump for a ball, hurdle an opponent, sprint in a sudden opposing direction, and protect an object with their hands. Plyometrics workouts are essential to running, jumping, and landing with composure and balance.

Plyometric Workouts For Beginners

Of all the workouts available to you, the one that is most talked about but with little known about how it works is Plyo. You may have heard about plyo and you may know that it should work for your goals.

What you likely don’t know is how it works, what to expect, and how to make it work for you. Here are a few tips to help you get started with plyo workouts and what you should know to get through your first few workout sessions.

What Is Plyo Training?

plyometrics workouts

For example, figure out a routine that goes from push-ups into squat thrusts rather than something like push-ups into a lunge thrust or long jump. By keeping a routine with your moves, you can go from one move to the next and keep your cardio and speed up.

The first tip to get the most out of your pylo training is to keep a routine. You want to handle this in the same way you would do a flowing HIIT routine. This means you need to make sure you are choosing exercises that flow into the next one easily.

Add Plyo Moves When You are Ready

As you start to look into plyo workouts you will start to find that you start off with the basic move and then start adding claps and additional jumps into the routine. This is to help to give you a stumbling block so you end up having something to push your speed and movements.

With that in mind, do not add too many of these additions until you are ready. If you try it and feel like the claps are too much, lower them to one move. For example, instead of adding extras to all your routine movements, just try adding a clap in between your pushups.

Plyometric For Speed

Plyo will allow you to personalize your workout and use your body resistance to help reach your goals. One of the key aspects of a workout like plyo are the reps you do for each cycle. You can use these reps to help build your speed and keep track of it.

Time yourself for each rep. Keep a log of your time and try to beat that time. You can add reps or lower them as you need to adjust. You may find that as you add different things, like claps and jumps, that you need to add or reduce your reps to help your speed and get the most of your workout.

By keeping these tips in mind, you will be able to construct your plyo workout and the after-workout session to make it work for you. As you go through your workouts, you will start to see more tips that will help and more ways that a plyo workout may be ideal for you.

You can either join a gym that offers plyometrics or do plyo workout at home with Plyo DVDs. Try working out with a friend to gain a little more momentum.

Watch Plyometric Workout Video

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