Insanity Fitness Training

The path to fitness is easy when you have the right program. Insanity is a program that mixes a variety of exercises to overhaul your body. Most of the workouts in the program are considered tough, but they are effective.

Insanity Exercise Routine

Insanity Fitness Training

Besides the effectiveness of the program, one of the things that makes Insanity a great choice is that it isn’t expensive. Being too costly is one of the top reasons that many people shy away from fitness programs.

The workout is one that doesn’t just focus on certain target areas. Instead, it focuses on strengthening and shaping the entire body. It uses a combination of moves, such as bodyweight exercise and cardio to help you get fit.

But since this one is affordable, you don’t have to wait to get started. You can change your lifestyle without having to fork over money for a costly gym membership. Plus, there are no class membership dues to pay.

In fact, you don’t have to leave your home to travel to a gym or other location in order to work out. The exercises that you do can all be done at home. You also won’t have to spend money to buy any materials like exercise equipment.

Insanity Exercise Routine

Insanity uses your body as the equipment. What this does is strengthens your body and helps you shape up, because instead of using something like a resistance band to work out your muscles and give you that gravitational pull, you’re using your body.

This gives you a stronger point of resistance than equipment does, which is why it’s so effective. Using your own body this way builds your speed and coordination. It can also improve your balance.

You’ll notice that many of the exercises focus on pushing using the body. An example of this would be push-ups. It also focuses on pulling. The force that’s applied to your muscles continually challenges them to strengthen as you build intensity.

Choose Your Insanity Workout Fitness Plan

You don’t have to stick to just one workout when you choose the Insanity fitness program. You’ll get to select from 10 different workouts. This allows you to pick something that suits your physical ability as well as the goals that you want to achieve through the program.

Choose Your Insanity Workout Fitness Plan

One of the choices available is the high intensity workout. This workout is one of the toughest in the program and can be considered advanced. Although you might be doing some of the same moves with this workout that you would do with a HIIT program, there is a big difference.

The Insanity program makes you go longer with the moves. Instead of lasting for a few seconds, with this workout, you’ll end up using 3 minutes of movement. It’s during this length of time and using this workout that your body is getting an aerobic workout.

Because it’s such a tough workout, it helps you burn a lot of calories. You can expect to burn between 800-1,000 calories per hour if you’re doing the high intensity workout. If you’re someone who’s brand new to exercise, because this workout is so physically demanding, you may want to start with something else first.

But some of the workouts in the program aren’t as hard and don’t last that long. There are a lot of days required in the program. You’ll need to work out six days a week, but that’s a good thing.

This helps prevent you from getting bored with exercise. Plus, it keeps your muscles challenged. By not letting your muscles get used to the same thing all the time, they’re constantly having to give a greater output, which builds them while you’re getting leaner.

Having this variety is a good thing because you’ll be less likely to stall out when it comes to not just the results, but the motivation as well. When exercise is interesting or new, it’s easier for you to look forward to working out.

60 Day Exercise Program Insanity Jumpstart

Beginning something new can take some time for you to find your footing. When it’s a slower beginning, it’s in this place where some people lose the willpower to keep going – especially if something is hard or the results seem too far down the road.

60 Day Exercise Program Insanity Jumpstart

But being able to quickly tell a difference in your body shape, weight or the way you can move when you join a program is encouraging. That’s why Insanity has a jumpstart focus.

This benefit is to help people get started and make some improvements faster. This boosts their motivation and also gives the kind of guidance that’s needed to keep going.

The program has a highly concentrated sixty day jumpstart.

You’ll learn about specific exercises you need to do. To keep people from feeling overwhelmed when they begin the program, these exercises are divided into two months.

Insanity Workout Month 1

In the first month, you will start to see changes. You’ll experience weight loss. During this time, you’ll also notice that you have more flexibility. This encourages you to keep going.

Insanity Workout Month 2

By the second month, you’ll have had some time to get used to the program. This is when the intensity level increases. It’s here that you’ll start to develop muscle strength and you’ll notice that your body is beginning to get toned.

60 Day Exercise Program Insanity Jumpstart

This program and its helpful jumpstart will be the push that you need to get in better shape. You’ll be more fit than you thought you could ever be. It’s the kind of program where you can start out as a beginner and build on your momentum for better results.

Trying to decide which fitness program is right for you can sometimes seem like a daunting experience. But the truth is, you should embrace the options that are available to you.

You’ll be able to choose a fitness program based on the time you have to commit to it, the money you can afford to spend on it, and the level of difficulty you feel comfortable engaging in.

You can try many different programs to see what’s a good fit for your life and even enjoy your ability to switch routines whenever you feel like your fitness has become boring or stagnant.

The key is to enjoy the process of watching what your body and mind are capable of when you release them on a mission to deliver health and energy into your life. Part of what will make or break your results with these programs is your mindset – and you want to embrace your abilities, rather than dread working out as a chore.

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