Treadmills Are The Top Choice In Home Exercise Equipment

A Treadmill Is Affordable And Convenient

Treadmills Are The Top Choice In Home Exercise Equipment

Treadmills are the top choice in home exercise equipment because they provide both convenience and affordability in one neat package. It is not as expensive as other home fitness equipment and yet it produces very nearly the same positive results. Not only that, but the treadmill has always been a favorite among exercise enthusiasts, whether they do their exercises at home or in the gym.

Easy Treadmill Workout

Using a treadmill to exercise and burn calories is very simple, almost everyone can learn how to use it in no time at all. Why? Because a treadmill requires nothing more from you than doing something that you’ve been doing for most of your life – WALKING.

“They will probably always be the Number 1 item because they appeal to the two most popular forms of exercising – walkers and runners,” said Communications Director for the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association Mike May.

According to the annual consumer survey of the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association, more than 45 million Americans currently use treadmills, either at home or in a gym. They are even more popular than stationary bikes (considered the Number 2 choice), stair machines, ellipticals, and rowing machines.

Why Are Treadmills So Popular?


Perhaps, what makes treadmills really popular with the mass of exercise and fitness enthusiasts is that it can guarantee a consistent workout in all seasons and in all climates. With a treadmill, you do not have to think about common running worries, such as weather conditions – too hot, too cold, too windy, too wet, too humid, and so on. Treadmills provide a means of exercise that is “just right.”

No matter how good our intentions are, we really can’t force ourselves to commute three or four times a week to the gym. What with our hectic lifestyles, increased work loads, and various other commitments, we simply don’t have such luxury as time. As a result, our exercise routines suffer, which, of course, points only to one thing – our health.

For this reason young and old alike, are searching for solutions to their exercise dilemma. They are looking for a solution that will fit into their demanding schedules yet still afford them a quality workout with positive results. The answer, of course, is the ever-present treadmill.

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