Top Rated Rowing Machines

Top Rated Rowing Machine Reviews

Top Rated Rowing Machines

Rowing is one of the best exercises for strength and cardiovascular health. Top rated rowing machines provide a low-impact aerobic workout that utilizes the major muscle groups in the back, arms, abdominals, buttocks and legs.

Rowers are fantastic exercise machines for the home since they are affordable, compact and effective. You can use your rowing machine for weight loss without putting stress on your joints.

Some Things To Look For When Shopping For A Rowing Machine

Make sure that the rower uses a ball-bearing roller system. The resistance of the rowing arms should be adjustable. That it has a multi-function fitness monitor that shows your speed, time, distance, number of strokes and calories burned.

rowing machine for weight loss

A thick padded seat and pivoting footplates provide support and help make your workout more comfortable. The machine should be stable and doesn’t rock even when used at maximum resistance.

If space is important to you then make sure that you get a foldable rowing machine that can be folded, collapsed or that you can stand up vertically. Or you might be able to push it under the bed as long as there is enough clearance.

Another thing to look for is that the handles are adjustable. If they aren’t then that could be a problem for shorter individuals who may find the handles to be positioned too high for them. Without the proper rowing form, you may experience wrist or arm discomfort.

Rowing Machine Workout Benefits

With the right rowing machine, you can have an amazing total body workout with great cardiovascular benefits at an affordable price. You will be able to count on using your rowing machine for many years to come.

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