Best Home Gym For Small Space

Getting to the gym just isn’t convenient for everyone. Plus, there will be times when even the most die-hard fitness enthusiast just doesn’t want to work out. That’s where having the best home gym for small space can help keep you on track.

Home Gym Equipment Reviews

Best Home Gym For Small Space

It’s easier to work out when you have the right equipment on hand. Bowflex has a stellar reputation when it comes to home gyms. The Bowflex Blaze Home Gym equipment uses Power Rods for workouts that can bring 210 lbs of solid resistance which is the standard with the machine.

This resistance builds muscles better. If you want more resistance than that, you’ll have to upgrade. The upgrades are 310 pounds or 410.

How To Workout From Home

The way it works once you get started is when you begin your workout, you start with low resistance, and then boost the weight until you’re doing as much as you can handle.

Some of the workouts that you can do are enabled because of the attachments that come with the gym. But some of the exercises will need attachments that you’ll have to buy as an add on.

Home Gym Equipment Reviews

You’ll get over 60 exercises that you can do using this home gym. That means that you’ll get a full body workout – both upper and lower. Some of these exercises target the abs as well as the back, shoulders and arms.

Because it hits all the major muscle groups including problem areas, you’ll be able to notice a difference once you’ve been working out regularly using your home gym. Since many of the exercises you can do with this gym are low impact, it’s easy on your joints.

The seat is wide, which is better for your back because you’re able to balance easier. It’s adjustable because of the sliding rail. This means that it can be used for a variety of exercises including leg presses, rowing and more.

You’ll be able to change the pulley or cable positions. What this does is it allows you to determine your own workout. This lets you hit specific muscle groups that you want to pay a little more attention to.

Bowflex Blaze Home Gym

This small home gym setup also has both a squat and a lat bar. The lat bar is what you would use to work out your shoulder and back muscles to build strength and get those areas defined faster than working out at the gym.

This system also includes hand grips or ankle cuffs. In addition to the home gym must haves, you’ll also receive 7 free workouts that are designed by a trainer. The one con to this gym is that it will take some time for you to get it put together and set up.

Because the Bowflex Blaze Home Gym is foldable and has wheels, it can be stored. That is a big plus if you don’t have the space to leave it set up all the time.

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