Purina Pro Plan Bright Mind

Purina Pro Plan Bright MindIf your dog is over 7 years old then you might want to start feeding Purina Pro Plan Bright Mind. This is usually about the time that your dog starts to show signs of aging. These signs include not being as alert as she once was; maybe he sleeps more now and isn’t as interested in playing. Or just seems to be sluggish and not as bouncy and playful as she was a few years ago.

I’m not totally sure what the enhanced botanical oils in Pro Plan Bright Mind actually do but from the reviews that I have read, the formula seems to work. With chicken as the first ingredient you know that it has high-quality protein that your dog needs.

Now before you decide to purchase Bright Mind Dog Food, you probably want to talk this decision over with your veterinarian. Changing your dog’s food is a big decision that may and probably will have some effect on your canine friend.

Purina Pro Plan Bright Mind Adult 7+ Wet Dog Food 8-10 oz. Tubs
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  • Ends: Jan 21, 2018 10:06:28 EST
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