Natural Cat Food Makes For A Healthier Cat

So what is natural cat food?

Natural Cat Food Makes For A Healthier CatWhen it comes to natural cat food, choose brands that contain little to no grain. Look for food that has lots of protein, which means lots of meat.

For hundreds of years, cats managed on their own in the wild without help at all from humans. They were seldom obese and rarely faced the health problems vets see in cats they treat today.

Much has been written about the danger of what we’re putting – not only in our own bodies – but in the bodies of our pets as well. If you want to keep your kitty healthy and guarantee a longer lifespan for your beloved pet, then natural cat food is the way to go.

Cats don’t need a lot of carbs

Many cat foods, especially dry foods, are high in carbohydrates – but cats in the wild subsist on meats that are high in protein. Their digestive systems don’t handle carbohydrates well.

For this reason, many cats on high carb eating plans eventually develop diabetes and other long term health complications. Since your goal is to keep your cat healthy, you’ll want to learn to carefully read labels so you can give your favorite pet a nutritious way to eat.

Cats need lots of protein

Not only do you want to look for foods that are high in protein, but you also want foods that will hydrate your cat. If you allow your pet to eat food that doesn’t contain enough water, eventually your kitty will show signs of kidney or bladder problems.

In severe cases, a cat may lose the ability to urinate at all. This is why it’s important to choose natural cat food that will help your favorite feline stay hydrated and healthy. But healthy cat food doesn’t always mean more expensive, so don’t let the cost fool you.

Make your own cat food at home

Some cat owners even make special recipes right at home for their pets. If you’d like to try doing that, then it’s important that you follow a recipe for your cat’s meal closely. Failing to do so could cause additional health problems for your kitty.

Always be wary of any recipe that calls for high carbohydrates like grains or fruits. You want your cat to be well nourished and happy, and protein is always the main staple of cat food made at home.

If you do give your cat natural foods that you make yourself, it’s important that you add nutritional supplements like taurine. Taurine prevents health issues like eye problems in cats.

Taurine also reduces hair loss and prevents tooth decay in cats. When it comes to feeding your cat naturally, you’ll want to make sure your cat has no pre-existing conditions. Even a natural diet can seriously injure a cat that has an underlying medical condition. For instance, mixing raw eggs into a recipe for a cat with a sensitive digestive track or allergies can make your cat sicker.

Your cat doesn’t need grains

When it comes to natural cat food, choose brands that contain little to no wheat or corn. Both are high in carbohydrates and difficult on a cat’s digestive system. Instead, look for food that has high protein levels. These foods will usually contain a significant amount of meat. Remember a healthy cat is a happier, longer living cat.

Natural Cat Food Makes For A Healthier Cat

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