Is It Time To Put Your Cat On A Diet?

Diet Cat Food Reviews

cat diet foodIs your cat overweight? Maybe it’s time to put your cat on a diet.

Just as obesity causes health problems in humans, it can cause health problems in felines, too. One out of every two cats is obese and if the cats are not properly treated by a veterinarian, they will go on to develop diabetes, arthritis, urinary dysfunction, kidney issues and more – just like humans can.

But the good news is that you can reduce the risk of your cat developing these and other health conditions by putting your feline on diet cat food.

Always check with your vet before putting your cat on a diet.

Your Cat’s Diet – Getting Started

After it’s been determined that it’s safe for your cat to diet, you need to carefully select the new menu for your pet. If your cat is overweight, it’s up to you to change their diet and exercise habits so that they can safely and effectively lose the weight.

Even before you introduce the new diet food, start by limiting the available food. A common and dangerous mistake made by many cat owners is leaving cat dishes filled with food lying around.

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Freely available food teaches your cat it’s okay to snack. When cats can snack, they eat more than they need to – and more often than they need to. Instead, choose two to three regular mealtimes for your kitty. If your cat doesn’t eat during these times, simply remove the food from the food dish.

What To Look For In Diet Cat Food

When it comes to diet cat food, you have so many options that they can be a little overwhelming. Remember that like humans, cats become obese when they consume too many carbohydrates and not enough protein.

There are several good brands of cat food to choose from. Look for brands that have at least twenty-eight percent of protein to keep your cat healthy. Other considerations include food that says it’s for weight control or weight management.

If you’d like to make your own food for your kitty, you can do that, too. But your goal should be to closely mimic what a cat would eat in the wild. By doing this, you can be confident you’ll be giving your cat the best possible diet. Raw meats like chicken, turkey or rabbit work best. Look for hormone free or buy organic to keep your kitty healthy.

Making The Change – New Cat Food

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Like humans, cats are hesitant to change, so don’t be discouraged if, upon introducing a new food, your cat refuses to eat. Slowly introduce the diet cat food to your pet over the course of a week.

Begin by reducing the amount of normal food you give your cat and replacing that with the new food. Continue to reduce the old food until your cat is eating only the diet food. Pay attention to your cat during this time.

If you’ve previously been feeding them canned cat food and are now giving them dry food, your cat could become constipated. Supply extra water during this time and make sure you keep an eye on your kitty’s bowel habits.


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