Best Price For Yeti Hopper 30 Cooler Bag

Yeti Hopper 30 cooler bagSo you want a Yeti Hopper 30 Cooler Bag but you want to get it at the best possible price. Plus you probably want to know if the cooler is really worth the high price. That’s what I wanted to know also!

Are you tired of lashing heavy coolers to your kayak, ATV, truck or boat every time you go fishing, camping, tail-gating or whatever? Do you want a reliable cooler that will keep your beer cold and food fresh for hours or even days? Are you ready to own the best soft sided cooler available in today’s market? If yes, the Yeti Hopper 30 is the one for you.

The main reason why people buy soft-shell coolers is to avoid some of the packing problems that are present in hard-shell coolers. The Hopper, which weighs about 5 pounds, is very portable and can fit in a lot of places that a regular ice chest couldn’t. In addition, the padded shoulder strap mean that you can carry it comfortably for a decent distance depending on contents and your fitness level.

This cooler is designed for not only carrying food or drinks but for keeping it cold for a long time. It comes with many fascinating features such as leak-proof performance and toughness that can’t be beat.

Outstanding Features of the Yeti Hopper 30 Cooler

  • Durability – When it comes to durability, the Hopper 30 Cooler is at the top of the list. Some people have even dragged it behind a car for a while just to see if it could take it. It could!
  • Insulation – The Yeti Hopper 30 Cooler Bag comes with a 6.5 gallon capacity which is extremely insulated. To ensure that you get the best performance, the company recommends a 2:1 ice to beer ratio.
  • Packability – This cooler fits into places that a hard-sided cooler couldn’t. It has six D-ring tie down points that give you a lot of ways to tie down your cooler so that it stays in place and is not bouncing around all over the place.
  • Leak-proof – The Hydrolok™ Zipper closure keeps the cold inside the cooler where it belongs, as well as giving you a waterproof, airtight closure. There is nothing worse than having water slosh out of your cooler so that you, your clothes, equipment, vehicle and everything else gets totally soaked. If you are familiar with water-proof dry-suits, then you will notice that the Hopper’s zipper borrowed some of those qualities. This makes the cooler insanely durable and leak-proof. However, the zipper can be somewhat stiff when unzipped. This makes it tricky to get large items in and out of the cooler. But read the owner’s manual. Yeti says that the materials need a little time to break in.

Uses for the Yeti Hopper 30 Cooler Bag

This soft-sided cooler is ideal for weekend camping trips, beach outings, fishing trips, hunting trips, 18 holes of golf, BYOBUltimate YETI Hopper 30 Bundle dinners and anywhere else that you need to take along food and drinks that must stay cold for a while.

Ideal for people who love wild adventures such as white-water rafting or other extreme adventures.

This would be perfect for fishing and hunting guides, and would be especially useful for day trips or overnight trips.

Is the Hopper better than other soft coolers?

Yes, it is. Some soft sided coolers are very unreliable, especially if you go for low-priced products. For instance, they tend to sweat which means that they are not well insulated so they are not going to keep the contents cold. From the Hopper 30’s features, it’s clear that you will never be disappointed when using it.

Is the Yeti Hopper Bag worth the price?

Yes, if you are really going to use it. The Yeti Cooler Hopper 30 is rated 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon hence you should expect nothing short of perfection. Yeti is well-known for coming up with incredible coolers which can withstand almost any condition that you throw at them. To ensure that customers get what they are paying for, Yeti thoroughly tests its coolers before releasing them. And Yeti Hoppers come with a 3-year limited warranty.

What I Like About The Yeti Hopper

  1. Leak-proof
  2. Easy to carry
  3. Stays cold
  4. Durability
  5. Easy to pack

What I Don’t Like About The Hopper 30

  1. Price – hard to justify unless you are really going to use it a lot
  2. Opening is stiff and somewhat difficult to get into

yeti hopper 30 cooler bag reviews

Final Verdict

The Yeti Hopper 30 Cooler was designed with performance in mind. It is durable, portable, easy to access and almost indestructible. It has the ability to keep ice cold for days at a time. This cooler was made to be used and used hard – hopefully that’s the way you play.

My thoughts are: If you are going to use it a lot and use it hard then get it. Otherwise you probably don’t need it.

Where to buy your Yeti Hopper 30 Cooler

The best place to buy your Yeti cooler is on Amazon. Why Amazon? This online store has been around for years hence you know that you are getting genuine products. Secondly should you have to return the product, you know who you are dealing with and the return process is easy. Amazon shopping means peace of mind.

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