Best Car Jump Starter 2017

So you’re looking for the best car jump starter?

best car jump starterHaving a dead battery is not a lot of fun. Even if you have jumper cables, you have to find someone that is willing to give your battery a jump start. You either have to find some willing person where you are stranded, call your road-side assistance service or call friends or family to help you get your car started.

If you don’t have jumper cables, it is even less fun. You have to find someone with jumper cables that is willing to give you a jump or you have to start calling.

All of this could be avoided if you had a portable jump starter that you keep in your car. I’m not talking about those big, heavy ones that you have to lug into your house or garage every so often to charge. I’m talking about the new, small portable battery jump starters. Most of these can be charged using the supplied USB cable, home charger or a 15V car charger.

These small, portable jump starters are suitable to start up to 5 liter gas and 3 liter diesel engines.

If you need to jump start V8 automobiles or pickup trucks then you will need more than 300 amps of cranking power. Some of these may even start small diesel engines.

If you have the room in your vehicle and want to make sure that you can jump start just about anything, then you need one of these heavy duty jump starters. Some of these even come with air compressors for even more utility.

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