5 Top Rated LEGO Star Wars Kits

LEGO Star Wars Kits Reviews

5 Top Rated LEGO Star Wars KitsLEGO has been paramount in creating building toys that bring adventures to life. They have been delighting children for generations and have always done a fantastic job of catching onto the new crazes as well as the old classics and keeping them relevant. One of the most popular lines of LEGO kits are those inspired by the Star Wars franchise.

Best LEGO Star Wars Kits

Best LEGO Star Wars Kits
Whether your kids are fans of the original movies or if they are madly in love with the new episodes and stories that have been released in the last few years there is a LEGO building kit that will meet your child’s preferences. Not to mention that many of these kits can be built together with your child to add some bonding time before they start off a fantastic adventure with their new creation.


LEGO Star Wars Captain Rex’s AT-TE

This awesome AT-TE comes with 972 pieces and will be a huge hit with any of the Star Wars lovers you might know. There are so many parts and accessories it can be hard to describe them all in such a quick overview as this. The first thing to know is that five people come in the set and they include of course Captain Rex (since it is his vehicle), a Stormtrooper, Commander Wolffe, Commander Gregor, and the Imperial Inquisitor Fifth Brother.

On top of the ship is a spring loaded shooter present in a mounted gun that rotates. Get ready for battles that can take place in 360 degrees without having to worry about turning the ship each time. There are multiple moveable and interactive features included the legs, ladders, cranes, and an opening access door and rear cargo area. The cockpit opens up and allows someone to pilot while each action figure has weapons included so that the fight can follow them anywhere.

LEGO STAR WARS Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle

Krennic’s vehicle is a beautiful example of how something in all black can be menacing, dangerous, and just pure awesome. It has three huge wings all of which can be folded up or down. Along with the wings are retractable landing gear and opening armored panels on the side and front.

The hold can hold up to four figurines while there is room in the cockpit for the remaining character. K-2SO, Bohdi Rook, Director Krennic, Pao, and 2 Death troopers are in the kit to help bring the experience to life.

Your kid’s imagination will run wild with the ship’s shooters and the included weapons which can be placed into the characters’ hands. The 863 piece building set will provide hours upon hours of imaginative fun as your family works its way through all of the missions ahead of them.

LEGO STAR WARS Rebel U-Wing Fighter

Are you looking for the classic white and blue Rebel Fighter ship? Then you have found it. This 659 piece building kit is perfect for anyone who is siding with the Rebels against the Imperial army. There are four powerful engines in the back of the ship that give it the capability to blast off at remarkable speeds.

In case trouble arises, there are spring loaded shooters present in the front of the ship. Ammo is included. The cockpit springs open so that your kids do not have to navigate through space on their own. Every character comes with their own accessory. Included in the set is a pilot, a rebel trooper, Cassian Andor, and Jyn Erso.


LEGO Star Wars Carbon-Freezing Chamber

Unlike some of the building sets in the Star Wars collection, the freezing chamber is a good choice for younger children because it only comes with 231 pieces. This can help reduce the stress and impatience that often accompanies building larger kits.

The main base is the control center with the freeze bed in the middle. Think about the chamber from the Empire Strikes Back. There is also a push up elevator and staircase so that characters can attack or defend the freeze chamber from different sides. The three action figures that come in this set are Boba Fett, Han Solo, and of course an Ugnaught.



LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle Tydirium Building Kit

Still a bestseller from the LEGO sets, this set is for any lovers of Return of the Jedi. If your child has just seen their first Star Wars movie or if they have been watching them with every release, this all white Imperial Shuttle Tydirium will help in the creation of a number of movie scenes.

It is 937 pieces and comes with five mini figurines. These guys include two Endor Rebel Troopers, Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Princess Leia. Weapon accessories are available for each one so that everyone can participate in the battle. For air battles the shuttle has a spring loaded shooter on each side so that your kids can safely travel across the galaxy.

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