10 Great Country Songs You Have Probably Never Heard

Some of these song I remember hearing when I was riding with my dad and brothers when we were very young. Probably going to get haircuts on Saturday or driving down to the river to go fishing. Songs and pieces of songs that stuck in my mind all these many years.

I heard Toby Keith’s “We Were in Love” when I was doing some contract work for Seagrams at Tropicana in Bradenton, Florida. We would fly from New York City to Tampa, rent a convertible and drive down to Bradenton. All of the country music stations in that area played the song constantly. I really liked the words, the music and how Toby sang it. Became one of my favorites.

Mel Street’s “Smokey Mountain Memories” just speaks to country memories and wanting to get back home. Some really great lyrics.

I have heard Anita Carter sing with the Carter Family and with Johnny Cash on the TV show that he had but I didn’t know that she had recorded any songs on her own. Someone somewhere mentioned her song “As The Sparrow Goes.” What a voice and what a song. You just have to listen to this song.


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10 More Great Country Songs You Have Probably Never Heard

More Great Country Songs You Have Probably Never Heard


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