Pokemon Pikachu Dog Costume For Halloween

We all think that our dog is the cutest one around and we can’t wait to show them off every chance we get. Well now, Halloween is a great time to really dress up your dog with a great Halloween dog costume. My Cocker Spaniel has worn deer antlers, lion manes, lots of different dog clothes and I even dressed her up one year as a biker dog.

I’m not sure that she actually liked wearing any of these costumes but she just loves it when she is the center of attention so she puts up with wearing a costume for at least one night.

This year CoCo will be wearing a Pokemon Pikachu dog costume For Halloween. I have told her all about the costume and have even shown her some pictures but I’m not sure that she is excited yet. She is going to look so adorable in this Halloween costume.

Check out the video below of a dog wearing a Pokemon Pikachu dog costume. I have a feeling that CoCo may react the same way to the hoodie.

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Pokemon Pikachu Hoodie Pet Costume
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